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Hangar Space

There are two different types of hangar available to station your aircraft at Schönhagen Airport:

Hangar O is a hangar 128 x 25 m in size for ca. 48 aircraft.

Our storage Hangars I, X and V provide space for ca. 58 aircraft on 8 electrically operated turntables, whereas Hangar V provides space for larger aircraft in a separate hangar segment with a door height of 5.50 m.  

In total there are ca. 170 aircraft in total permanently stationed at Schönhagen Airport.  There are sufficient spaces with tie-down facilities on the apron area.

A few remaining spaces are currently still free! 

For the last free hangar spaces for microlites, please contact Herr Paul at Schönhagen Aerial Sports Club - Luftsportclub Schönhagen (Herr Paul).

Give us a call! We will be pleased to inform you about available parking possibilities for your aircraft. 

Telephone +49 33731 305-21
E-Mail info@edaz.de