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PPR for IFR flights - attention: only when approaching

Change from now on:

Only IFR arrivals (!) to Schönhagen airport, have to be conducted with PPR (prior permission required).
Enquiries shall be directed to: Bremen ACC, Phone: +49 421 5372 - 141
(please refer AIP AD 2 EDAZ 1-6). No permission for departures required anymore!


Welcome to Schönhagen Airport

Schönhagen airport is one of the most important airports in Germany and, with more thann 45,000 flight movements per year, the largest in the new federal states. Here you can find the full range of general aviation. The airport is optimally developed for business aviation and provides an attractive base for private planes and recreational flying.



border clearance and customs clearance

border clearance:
daily during operating hours.
Registration 2 hours in advance for citizens of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and all travelers with German residence.
For all other third-country nationals: Register 24 hours in advance

customs clearance:
Flights requiring customs clearance must be announced 2 hours in advance.

Please do not register by e-mail or fax for the same day!


Landing procedures

Airfield tours