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Fuel Prices

The following fuel is available on site:

Single point refueling is possible at Schönhagen Airport!

EUR/Ltr. excl. VAT EUR/Ltr. incl. VAT
AVGAS 100 LL 1,81 2,10
Jet A-1 1,59 1,85
Jet A-1-tax exempt 0,94 1,09
AVGAS UL 91 1,72 2,00

AVGAS UL 91 (UL = Unleaded) meanwhile for a number of motors an eco-friendly, unleaded alternative to AVGAS 100 LL
Lycoming has authorized the use of UL 91 for a range of motors. Also Continental is working on a certification.
Unlike MOGAS there is no need for a STC for the aircraft. EASA permits the use as soon as the fuel is authorized by the engine manufacturer.
Here you find the latest Lycoming-List.

If the required conditions are met, you can refuel with Jet A-1 free from VAT and mineral oil tax.


The retail prices include EUR/1.000 Ltr.:

AVGAS UL 91 AVGAS 100 LL Jet A-1
Energy Tax 721,00 721,00 654,50
Strategic petroleum reserve fee  0,00 0,00 2,85

Prices valid: July 2020

You may pay with EC or credit card. We do not accept carnets.



EUR/Ltr. excl. VAT EUR/Ltr. incl. VAT  
Total Aero 80/100 6,76 7,84
Total Aero 80D/100D 7,18 8,33
Quartz 7000 10 W 40 10,60 12,30
Total Aero DM 15 W 50 9,20 10,67

Prices valid: July 2020