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Destination Airport

Do you feel like taking a day trip and are looking for an interesting place to go?  Then come to Schönhagen Airport.  The airport is a popular weekend destination for people from Berlin and Potsdam.  The winding tree-lined roads through the beautiful Fläming countryside make your drive interesting and enjoyable.  You can get suggestions for this and other day trips from the website  www.flaeming-ride.de.

Another popular way to start a day trip is by regional train, which will take you from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station) to Trebbin in 26 minutes.  You can take your bike with you on the train and then cycle to the airport in around 25 minutes.

Having arrived at the airport, flying enthusiasts can get their kicks with flights in every kind of aircraft, from gliders to helicopters.  Otherwise you can hire a bicycle for a ride through the nature park nearby.  Those interested in history will receive a lot of information about the creation and development of Schönhagen Airport in a guided tour. (Please book in advance.)  Whoever wishes to simply relax can enjoy a coffee or a cool drink on the viewing terrace of the Tower Restaurant Cockpit and watch the planes depart and land.

We will gladly organize a barbecue evening around a camp fire.  It is possible to stay overnight at the airport in our guest house or in one of the hotels nearby.

See you soon!

Schönhagen Airport

Am Flugplatz

14959 Schönhagen

Telephone +49 33731 305-18

Fax +49 33731 305-57