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Tourism / Around Schönhagen

You will find many appealing recreational activities on offer around Schönhagen.  We have put a small selection together for you below. 

Baum & Zeit (Tree & Time) - Baumkronenpfad Beelitz-Heilstätten

Yes, we do love Berlin, but sometimes it’s nice to escape the city and spend a day in nature to get some headspace. The magic of the enchanted grounds of the former lung patients’ sanitorium in Beelitz is legendary. The buildings, reminiscent of old palaces, radiate an incomparable charm. The extensive old landscaped grounds have an unexpected diversity of plant species. The history of the site is gripping. Everything just melts together into a single work of art there - inspiration enough for a fascinating project like the treetop and time travel path, “Baum & Zeit”.

At a height of up to 36 metres, it offers fantastic views of and over the historic site, crossing above the multi-storey ruin of the Alpine House, where a real forest has developed on the roof over the past 70 years. Here you can discover a breath-taking backdrop of nature and architecture as you walk above the treetops. This view is normally reserved for birds on the wing.

LINK: http://www.baumundzeit.de/informationen/english.html

Flaeming Skate

With about 190 (!) kilometres of track, the Flaeming-Skate is Europe’s longest car-free inline skating path.  It offers a great opportunity to get out and exercise to amateur skaters, Nordic walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users as well as professional skaters. You can hire skates and equipment at various places along the track, or stop off at a friendly pub for a bite to eat.  The track can be easily reached with the shuttle bus service from the airport. The particularly sporty ones amongst us can, of course, cycle to one of the track’s starting points and explore the path by bike. 

Potsdam Woodland Climbing Park

Adults and children alike will have fun at the newly opened Kletterwald Potsdam.

Travel by 'Draisine'Trolley Car

How about a trip with a ‘draisine’ trolley car or ‘conference’ rail bike?  Click on the Tourismusverbandes Fläming web page and you will be amazed at what is possible.


Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park

Our airport is situated in the Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park.  It is always worth going for a walk through the Nuthe glacial valley, for example to Blankensee, where you can watch rare animals in the bird sanctuary.  Fish caught in Blankensee Lake are a delicacy, which is freshly cooked for you here.  However, you shouldn’t miss the region’s other culinary delights, for example, have you ever tasted Teltower Rübchen – Teltow turnips?  They’re special baby turnips which only grow in this area.

Tropical Islands

Visit Europe's largest tropical holiday resort! The Tropical Islands Resort is open all year round - including publik holidays! Overnight guests can use the Tropical World facilities 24 hours a day.


The palace and lakeside scenery of Brandenburg’s state capital, Potsdam is unique.  Schönhagen is its closest airport. Our shuttle or car hire service will take you into the heart of this historic city in 25 to 30 minutes.


The sights and cultural diversity of Germany’s capital Berlin need no description.  The regional train will take you directly to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station) in 28 minutes.