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Border Control and Customs Clearance at Schönhagen airport

Border control and customs clearance is possible on a daily basis, including weekends, during regular opening hours (8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local). 

Customs clearance must be booked 2 hours in advance, regardless of whether it concerns a take-off or a landing.

Border control can be carried out at any time without prior notice.

Notification of international flights via:
Telephone:  +49 33731 305-32
Fax:  +49 33731 305-35
E-Mail:   ops@edaz.de 

(Notification by email and fax: please do not make any same day requests.)

Please note!

You will receive confirmation for written notification by fax or email. If, exceptionally, this has not arrived up to two hours before the planned clearance, you must notify the Air Traffic Control Office by telephone.  The pilot is entirely responsible for correct transmission.

Please note furthermore, that our staff must be notified of flights which are liable to border control but not customs clearance prior to take-off or after landing.