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Bicycle hire

Explore the pleasant heath, forest and lake scenery around Schönhagen Airport by bike.  

Our airport is located in the Nuthe-Nieplitz nature reserve.  A bicycle ride through the Nuthe glacial valley to Blankensee, with its attractive bird sanctuary, or to the Glau wildlife preserve will let you quickly forget everyday life.

Another place to visit is the Sudermann Park.  After a ten minute ride you will reach the manor park designed by Peter Joseph Lenné, in which the writer Hermann Sudermann had 1902 Italian sculptures and columns erected.

Prices for our regular bikes:

Half day  EUR 4,50
Whole day EUR 6,50
From 2 days EUR 5,00
Weekly rate EUR 31,50

Brandnew: Bikes and/or E-Bikes Town Trebbin

regular bike/e-bike rental period Price
regular bike half day 5,00 €
regular bike whole day 8,00 €
e-bike half day 14,00 €
e-bike whole day 22,00 €

You can get further tips and a bicycle map from our service staff:

Telephone +49 33731 305 32
Fax +49 33731 305 44
E-Mail ops@edaz.de